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PAYE End of Year Filing (and unhelpful error messages)

If you operate a business in the UK you are required to file tax returns for that business by the 19th of May every year for the previous year. Obviously the earlier you get this done the better. I oversee all our accounts and I’ve been particularly busy over the past few weeks so this week was my first opportunity to try to get the returns done.

Unloved Software

David Scott Kane (no connection) has been recently blogging about unloved software and “bigged us up” as an example of doing it right;

“In my last entry I bemoaned the look of most Micro-ISV software (and some bigger ISV’s too) and how amateur it looked in general.  I thought it’d be nice if I showed an example of a product (that I have no relationship with at all) that simply looks well done and balanced.  See this link at Evolved Software.   As you can see it’s icons are nicely chosen and fit well with each other.  It doesn’t bend or break design rules and pretty much adheres to standards.  The result is a nice professional and easy to intuit interface.  Well done to the developers!” – Scott Kane – “The Recursive ISV”

How to successfully prevent a CIS penalty

It’s astonishing that as an independent software vendor how many construction contractor companies prefer to contact us to ask for advice on the new Construction Industry Scheme. The hottest topic at the moment are the CIS penalties that a lot of businesses are receiving for non-compliance with the new scheme, it’s rules and it’s deadlines.

CIS penalties have been rolling for five months now, three of which we already have the statistics for. The numbers are terrifying, a total of 118,458 penalty notices were issued in a three month period from October to December. Assuming that these three months are representative, that’s a minimum of £47 million a year in fines, paid for by construction businesses like yours.