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Tag: Phone

Amazing new fluid virtual interface. The future is now!

Seen Minority Report? It’s inspired the latest current generation of user interfaces such as the iPhone and Microsoft Surface. But that’s all a load of old rope now since they all require a physical screen. The next generation is in development, a wearable computer that is able to recognise it’s environment, any pertinent objects and project a custom user interface on anything from walls to books to loo roll and even facially identifying someone in front of you and writing a tag cloud of their interest on their t-shirt.

Curious about Google Android? (T-Mobile G1 / HTC Dream emulator now available)

Look what I found on the T-Mobile website earlier: A Google Android G1 emulator.


The emulator isn’t fully functional, but looks like it is a very close approximation of the Google G1 end user experience. The built-in Google services for search, mapping and basic email and contact management looks good but it leaves me confused as there are quite a lot of “missing” features conspicuous by their absence.