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Why pay twice as much for a Macbook when you have have a secret 50% “marketing discount” off a Windows laptop instead?


Microsoft have recently been running a series of 60 second “Laptop Hunters” adverts showing normal people going into a high street shop and purchasing laptops running Microsoft’s Windows Vista and snubbing Apple Macbooks running OSX because they’re “too expensive” or “too sexy”.

songsmith makes comedy gold


Today I’m in a musical mood. I sold my well loved Korg Trinity this morning (I’m now using a Yamaha MO6). Searching for some musical inspiration I thought I’d give SongSmith a try, as it’s available on a six-hour unlimited trial. Songsmith is the first “record and go” instant-on music solution for amateurs using Windows. Songsmith can generate instant computer-generated backing tracks to your own vocal-lead. All you need to is pick one of the many relatively cheesy styles and a tempo then you hit record and sing your best amateur vocals into the microphone along to a metronome beat. The computer does the rest, applying the drums, bass, guitars and variations. All well and good, but imagine what would happen if you used a professional vocal track from a popular song instead of your own vocal?

The result: Comedy tribute covers!

Open and Closed – which is better?


On the Just.My.2t blog, Steve, a self-confessed Apple fanboy (sorry!) puts forward an argument that the two companies Apple and Microsoft traditionally seen as “Closed” and “Open” respectively should be switched. That Apple Computers are more “open” then Microsoft. This article got me thinking not just about Apple Computers vs. Microsoft, but more widely about “Open” and “Closed” software.