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Samsung SM2443BW 24” Monitor


One of the best productivity investments any information worker can make on a Windows machine is to increase desktop real estate. I’ve just added another 24” monitor to my workstation this afternoon, a Samsung SM2443BW display; the second Samsung display I’ve ever purchased (the first is an old 17” Syncmaster that’s still going strong after six years, now on Vicky’s computer).

Google Checkout to increases its fees

imageI just received an unexpected email from my favourite payment processor, Google Checkout. It’s a rather interesting announcement that in around six weeks their fees are increasing. They’re increasing quite a bit too; users who charge less than £1,500 per month are going to find the fees more than double. Users who charge £15,000 to £54999.99 each month but whose customers originate from a different country (so that’s a UK company selling to a US individual or organisation) are going to see a double increase in fees.