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Screen space: You can never have enough.

035A couple of months ago, I posted out that one of the best productivity investments any information worker can make is increasing desktop real estate. It saves time flicking between windows, lets you always keep your email/support software open, lets you code in full screen and read documentation at the same time. Since I last posted about the Samsung SM2443BW 24” TFT monitor I’ve bought another one.

Samsung SM2443BW 24” Monitor


One of the best productivity investments any information worker can make on a Windows machine is to increase desktop real estate. I’ve just added another 24” monitor to my workstation this afternoon, a Samsung SM2443BW display; the second Samsung display I’ve ever purchased (the first is an old 17” Syncmaster that’s still going strong after six years, now on Vicky’s computer).

Dell XPS M1330 laptop review

imageAlthough I wasn’t unhappy with my three year old Toshiba M200, it was never going to be powerful enough to handle Windows Vista and still be snappy enough for the new Visual Studio 2008 from Microsoft. Despite a very heavy day to day workload, I don’t get the chance to get out now as often as I did in my days of contracting around the UK at client sites. However, as recent sales of the new Macbook air have shown, ultra-portable machines aren’t just bought by globe trotting road warriors. Simply put, ultra portables are lighter, thinner and being designed for portability – tending to favour a tighter form factor with robust construction over features. My Toshiba M200 had the usual Toshiba robustness and reliability, but didn’t have an internal optical drive or camera. Ultra portables are nearly always premium or luxury line models, with a higher price tag for the same performance point than their larger counterparts.