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Apple’s WWDC keynote in 2.5 hours. My predictions below :)

Apple are having their annual Worldwide Developers Conference today and I fully expect a healthy Steve Jobs will be presenting in his own inimitable style. Although no-one knows for sure it is customary for Apple to announce their latest improvements to their OSX “Leopard” operating system, any upcoming technical changes to their desktop computers, laptops, iPhone and iPod.

Why pay twice as much for a Macbook when you have have a secret 50% “marketing discount” off a Windows laptop instead?


Microsoft have recently been running a series of 60 second “Laptop Hunters” adverts showing normal people going into a high street shop and purchasing laptops running Microsoft’s Windows Vista and snubbing Apple Macbooks running OSX because they’re “too expensive” or “too sexy”.

What a day! Super-car driving and Super-phone integration.

imageIt’s been a busy day today. Today, I was at the iT Showcase Live event at Mercedes-Benz World, Brooklands. It was fairly quiet for an exhibition, although the exhibitors didn’t give much away, Mercedes did – running rides of their AMG performance vehicles all day long. I managed to get a free pass and a spine-tingling face-breaking trip in a lovely new supercharged 500bhp CLS 63 AMG. When I finally got home, news was breaking that Apple had licensed the Activesync technology from Microsoft for use in their iPhone. This means a great deal for the IT industry, and I shall explain later. First however, the car..