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Tag: 30 Day Challenge

Announcing InstaTrans 1.1 beta: Instant desktop language translations (BETA)

17-02-2009%2014-52-04[1]Dear readers. I’m looking for beta testers for my latest application, InstaTrans. It’s a utility for making fast translations of text on your desktop, it’s quicker, more convenient and easier to use than the web-page translation services and translations can be easily compared between them so it’s easier to get the translation you need.

The original idea came out of a small contract requirement to translate a customer’s English-only application into several different languages. Currently the only way to do this was to parse the strings out of an existing application and copy/paste each phrase into a translation web page or hire the services of a professional linguist. InstaTrans was born to save time and make performing regular translations easier.

An interesting thought experiment (9 days to go)

imageIt’s been a while since my last blog post, and for good reason; I’ve got my head down deep into the architecture of Changing software architecture and reworking vital parts code becomes more expensive in time and resources the later it occurs in the life of the software, so I have been reworking and refactoring constantly over the past five days. It is vitally important that every design decision I make is going to give the very best possible performance.

Great minds think alike (day 1 of 30)

So here I am on day 1 of my 30 day challenge to design, build and release a new software product within 30 days. I’ve got a few quiet weeks (i.e. no major releases planned for existing products) and already have one customer signed up to use a service similar to one I’m already using for in-house reporting and monitoring. Only our in house service is MySQL/PHP based (so doesn’t support .NET Web Services or WCF) and since it’s only me looking at the stats – the interface is rather raw. Compared with the existing web stats services, it’s ugly.