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Time to say goodbye - Mike Wilson
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Time to say goodbye

Time to say goodbye


At least for a while.

I know I’ve not blogged much recently. My plan at the start of the year was for more time off, more time cycling and blogging and I’ve pretty much failed since I’ve done zero miles on my bike and I can count the number of blog posts and videos I’ve made on no fingers.

There are quite a lot of changes happening right now; I’m mostly kept very busy with work related activities, projects for customers and of course RTI. There’s a move on the cards and a lot of new changes this year which I’ll be writing or talking about.

In the meantime, 2020 Astro continues unabated and we’re running a big astronomy party in the pub we record at on the 31st of March. We’re expecting quite a few people so check the 2020 Astro website for more information closer to the date!

All the best,

Mike Smile

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