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TED: Ideas not worth sharing - Mike Wilson
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TED: Ideas not worth sharing

I love TED, those amazing and interesting people standing on stage presenting their cutting edge work in Technology, Entertainment and Design. The TED organisation’s slogan is “Ideas worth sharing” and their videos published almost daily form part of my daily video diet.

Although this week it appears that someone at TED thought one of their speakers’ videos was an idea not worth sharing. It’s Nick Hanauer’s short speech on the idea that cutting taxes for the rich does not lead to “job creation” but instead it is down to the consumers (read: middle class) who create jobs by creating demand. There’s been a lot of noise on the blogosphere that TED (an organisation whose participants are almost always wealthy, advantaged and well educated) are censoring debate on inequality.

There’s a copy of the video linked here if you want to see it:

Those non-TED regular viewers should note that this is not the main TED stage, but a shorter “TED University” presentation which often then leads to the main stage if considered good enough. The TED curator Chris Anderson gives his explanation on why the talk was pulled here – in short, “It wasn’t good enough”.


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