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First picture in BBC Sky at Night Magazine

BBC Sky at Night Magazine decided to use one of my astro-images in their February 2012 magazine, which is out today. I’m chuffed! SmileSmileSmile


(The winning image of the month was a beautiful shot of the terminator (edge) of the moon by Steve Loveridge. Well done, Steve!)

Sadr - Star and Nebulosity in Milky Wayclick to see a larger version on Flickr

I originally blogged this image back in September, here: Gamma Cygni (y Cyg) “Sadr” in Cygnus, which was a test of some new astrophotography equipment.

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  1. Steve Steve

    Way to go Mike!

      • Marci – How beautiful!!! I tried to take poohts of the night sky on a trip to Africa. The sky was so clear and the stars looked like one could reach up and touch them they looked so close and vivid. Your poohts remind me of those stars in that clear, awesome sky. My poohts didn’t do it justice though. Your poohts certainly DO capture all of it vividly! Beautiful!December 15, 2010 3:04 pm

  2. Sandi Sola Sandi Sola

    Congratulations! Awesome photo 🙂

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