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Blazewear heated clothing video review - Mike Wilson
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Blazewear heated clothing video review


The first “Thoughtful Geek” video is now live on my new YouTube channel. This video reviews a couple of electrically heated garments, just the thing one needs with the approaching cold weather!

This is my first ever video review, and it’s my first ever attempt at actually presenting a video on camera. It was done completely unscripted (and more or less unplanned) and all scenes were shot on the same day.

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And here’s where I set up for the evening (sorry you didn’t see any scopes in the video, it would have meant needing to use video lights and white light spoils night vision & spoils images & would have made me rather unpopular that evening Smile with tongue out):

Red starry sky I'm observing Jupiter

It gets awfully cold outdoors and the warmth from my Blazewear fleece was keeping me toasty and comfortable all evening long (with the double-sized battery, of course). Getting into a cold car is not so unpleasant when you have a heated fleece. (Pro tip: If you’re indoors, switch the heating onto ‘high’ five minutes before you leave home or your workplace to have a nice toasty garment to wear for when you leave).

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