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Analytics search terms in motion - Mike Wilson
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Analytics search terms in motion

How did I miss this?

Google’s Analytics has a motion chart feature which shows not only the top keyword search terms, but how they move over time allowing you to more easily identify and spot trends over time.

Quickly taking a look at my blog’s data for last week shows this (I turned trace on to show the past few movements):


It appears that most visitors come to my blog searching for (of all things), how to get a discount at the Apple Store.

I also posted up some info on the ill-fated NASA UARS satellite which crashed into the Pacific Ocean, just like buy testogel online build testosterone gel at age the orange blob here representing the blog post’s search traffic Smile

Going back a month or more, I can see where the various blobs jumps ahead of the usual motion (such as when someone links to the blog post in a forum). I’m totally sold on this method of representing data after seeing a Hans Rosling talk at TED (online) and wished there was something similar for web analytics!

My challenge now is to figure out a way to usefully get these charts into my applications….

Hans Rosling: No more boring data: TEDTalks

Are you using Google’s Motion Chart feature to track keyword traffic?

Happy Visualising! Smile

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