What Apple didn’t tell you about the iPhone 4s

by Mike on October 4, 2011

Apple made a big deal during the presentation about how talk time is longer with the new iPhone 4s. However what they didn’t mention is that web browsing and standby time (according to their own statistics) are reduced!

iPhone 4 iPhone 4S
Talk time 3G 7 hours 8 hours (+1 hour)
Talk time 2G 14 hours 14 hours
Standby time 300 hours 200 hours (-100 hours)
Internet use 3G 6 hours 6 hours
Internet use Wi-Fi 10 hours 9 hours (-1 hour)
Video playback Up to 10 hours Up to 10 hours
Audio playback Up to 40 hours Up to 40 hours

Not exactly a scandal, but I was really hoping for across the board enhanced battery life from the iPhone 4s. Both the processors of the current iPhone 4 (A4) and the newer iPhone 4S (A5) use a 45 nanometer process and perhaps if Apple move to a 32 nanometer or smaller process in their next chip we’ll see efficiency gains up front as a line one item on the next iPhone’s keynote (WWDC July?).


Phone 4 (from http://www.apple.com/uk/iphone/iphone-4/specs.html)
iPhone 4S (from http://www.apple.com/uk/iphone/specs.html)

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