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My iPad 2 skin by Gelaskins - Mike Wilson
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My iPad 2 skin by Gelaskins

My custom iPad 2 skin arrived today 🙂

I was looking for a cover that would protect the back from scratches and found a number of different choices from the Dodo case (, to the Zagg Invisible Shield clear skins that I’ve used previously on my iPhone 3Gs and other gadgets. However, Gelaskins skins not only looked the best with their wide variety of stock images, but they allow you to upload your own artwork and logos and are very good value for money compared with the prices of other non-customisable skins.

They are easy to apply and leave no sticky residue.

And they’re a great way to show off your own images to your customers, family and friends 🙂

EDIT: Sir Patrick Moore signed my iPad 2 :)

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