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HMRC have stopped issuing employer CD-ROMs - Mike Wilson
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HMRC have stopped issuing employer CD-ROMs

News just in via @StuartJones:

From 2011 HMRC will no longer be issuing paper Employer or Budget Packs. These will be replaced by online guidance and downloadable applications.

Neither will they be issuing the Employer CD-ROM. In future the HMRC Basic PAYE Tools (the new name for the Employer CD-ROM) will have to be downloaded from the HMRC site.

Stuart Jones,

I’d like to add that if you’re interested in continuing to use the HMRC CD-ROM (it is quite handy to have for checking your calculations and for also playing around with the tax returns), then head over to the “HMRC employer email alert service” and register your email address and PAYE scheme reference number and HMRC say they will send you an email when updates are available.

I’ve just downloaded the latest November update myself and noticed that the installer was broken. Hooray for quality assurance!

imageThe software installation process. Quality optional.

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