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Second night of deep sky imaging - Mike Wilson
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Second night of deep sky imaging

It’s late, I’ve got work tomorrow and I’m now off to bed so I will have to cut the commentary out of this photo blog post. But first: five deep space objects that I’ve managed to snag some brief exposures of from under Farnborough skies tonight. No special processing was done on the images (other than to stack the photons and to subtract the darks, flats and camera bias data). These images are exactly as recorded today (although the images are of objects as they were in the past, as light takes a very long time to reach us from these very deep space objects).

M13 - Great Cluster in Hercules (cropped)

M39 - Open cluster in Cygnus

M57 - Ring Nebula (17-09-2010)

M31 - Andromeda Galaxy

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