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The Moon and Jupiter

I was just heading to bed and locking up for the night when I noticed both the moon and Jupiter brightly shining in the sky. Since it’s been cloudy for a fortnight, I couldn’t resist getting the scope out. So I did, and these are the results!

All the moon pictures were taken on the iPhone 4 (by holding it up to the eyepiece) and the Jupiter picture was taken using the Panasonic Lumix TZ7 – a camera I would generally recommend but the lack of manual focus sucks for astrophotography. Additionally, the moon was shot using a 25% moon filter (blocks out three quarters of the light coming in) and Jupiter was shot looking through a light pollution filter (blocks out sodium spectrum/yellow street lighting).

I am definitely going to give this another go 🙂

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  1. Amani77 Amani77

    Wow that’s amazing. The iPhone 4 camera impresses me more and more!

  2. When you consider what it’s up against, it’s really impressive.

  3. Hi Scott!

    I’m going to a “Star Party” this weekend and will hopefully catch a few more pictures and see some interesting things in the night sky 🙂

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