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Getting one’s house in order - Mike Wilson
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Getting one’s house in order

Hello everyone! Just a quick blog post to let all my subscribers (all 28 of you, according to FeedBurner) and regular viewers (100 and falling) know that I’m back – and with a different format.

Those who know my blog as “The Evolved ISV” may be disappointed to know that I have from today stopped blogging under that name and URL (it still redirects so old links will continue to work). I will still be blogging on tech and business but in addition this blog will take a more personal twist as I blog on other topics too. If you want to continue to subscribe to only some categories you can still do that; simply select the category of post that you’re interested in and paste the URL into your RSS feed reader.

I still have a dozen unfinished blog articles from the past 12 months and most of the hardware based ones are now quite out of date although I might just post them anyway for those of who who might be interested in mobile device comparisons or high-end PC building.

Tara for now and welcome to the all new blog 🙂

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  • Scott Kane 17th April 2010, 2:24 pm

    Hi Mike!
    OK, this is a surprise! As one of those 28? 😉

    Anything in particular bring this change around – or just time for something new?

    As an aside – will be redirecting my own from current address to a new one soon too.

  • mikelwilson 17th April 2010, 10:51 pm

    Hi Scott,

    Yup – I think you’re one of the first 28 from way back before the original 30 day challenge (my project has moved on but is still in rather limbo-state – I’ll revive it in the summer again, perhaps in June!).

    Anyway – you probably know how the articles that comprise this blogs history have come about. It started as a business blog and then moved towards a more magazine-tech format. I spent quite a lot of time (and money on various third party addons) and ended up with a site getting upwards of 200-300 unique visitors per day but unfortunately it was rather intimidating and I found myself spending a lot of time writing what amounted to insufficient content to keep the magazine styled blog, fresh. Ah-ha! I thought at the start of the year; I shall write a blog about running a UK Micro ISV. But I had other things I wanted to blog about outside of business and tech and since I didn’t blog about those things I ended up not blogging about anything and so the blog more or less started to stagnate again and unique visitors dropped to around 50-100 per day.

    This time I’m back but not “as” anything. Not representing my company, nor styling my blog as any particular “service” for any industry. I plan to blog mostly on tech and issues affecting small (mostly ISV) businesses as I have in the past but without restricting other things I might want to talk about and I still have all my previous blog posts archived here and old URLs will continue to work until the domains expire.

    All this is an experiment. I still have a dedicated blog for my business here: ( and this personal blog. I think that’s manageable and it feels like the right thing to do.

    Best ask me if it worked in six months!

    I’m looking forward to your blog – are you changing approach too or just the name?

  • Scott Kane 18th April 2010, 5:10 am

    Hi Mike!

    Thanks for the explanation. I can understand your reasoning here.

    WRT my own – I’m not decided. The “Name” is “The Recursive ISV” and I own that domain name. Right now it points to the familiar URL Thinking of archiving the content and starting fresh with the new domain name. Reason being that, like yourself, a lot has changed. My views, my approach, the whole “30 Day” thing. The software remains of course in that MixAction will get released – if I can ever stop changing webhosts and moving sites every other month (fingers crossed now for SliceHost).

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