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New Year, New Blog - Mike Wilson
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New Year, New Blog

Ok, 2009 had gone and 2010 has arrived and yet it seems most of my planned articles for 2009 never made it to the t’internet.

In the spirit of a new years resolution, I’ll be planning to publish at least one article a week to clear my backlog of articles as well as a whole bunch of new posts on topics outside of I.T. And software development. As my blog grew past 300 unique visitors per day it started to take a little too much time, and especially with the economy as it is I’ve been finding myself working double time on all projects and giving customer service a boost at the expense of my blog.

So I’ve ditched the old blog style (I don’t write enough to fill a whole magazine anyway) and replaced it with a more chronological template layout. The existing content is stil there, unchanged, as are the links. From now on the main URL for this blog is

I’ll be back later with more content and hopefully a facelifted blog theme 🙂

Ta ta for now and happy new year!

Mike (blogging from iPhone)

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