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The Evolved ISV: 300 comments, 91 posts and 33 subscribers - Mike Wilson
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The Evolved ISV: 300 comments, 91 posts and 33 subscribers

imageAbout six months after I started blogging I posted about how much progress the blog had made. Almost another year on it now seems that this would be a good time to post some more statistics for my blog. In March 2008, I had reached a consistent 100 unique visitors a day. By March I was peaking at 200 unique visitors, and in June everything went nuts for a short period as the 30 day challenge got started. I’m getting about 200 unique visitors a day, about 20 returning visitors and each visitor on average visits 2.5 pages each.


The peak in April is mostly from migrating to a dedicated Windows server and the peaks during June are from the 30 day challenge. Interest in the 30 day challenge pretty much vanished by July, despite almost all of us still working on our 30 day challenges 🙂


Of the feedback I’ve received on this blog people tend to like my technical articles on hardware and technology the best. However those articles take a good chunk of the day to write, they do account for 50% of the traffic to my blog. I also blog on some niche issues, such as business in the UK, specifically accounting and the new Construction Industry Scheme.

And a handy tip for filtering WordPress blog feeds:

I would like to bring to people’s attention that it’s possible to subscribe to just the category that you’re interested in. Click the category header on the homepage and type “/feed” onto the end of the URL. Add that into your feed reader and you won’t have to read my rantings on subjects that don’t interest you.

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