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Mike on Software on iPhone - Mike Wilson
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Mike on Software on iPhone

Although I’ll reserve my judgement on the iPhone until a later article, I have to say that this screenshot sent in from a reader shows how great this blog looks on the iPhone:


This clever web page rendering is thanks to the WordPress plugin, "wp-pda" which you can obtain here:; it’s a brilliant little piece of code.

If you’re using Windows Mobile’s Pocket Internet Explorer you’ll get a similar layout with post previews. It looks a little like opening an RSS feed in Internet Explorer on the desktop. Of course if you’re using the latest Mobile Opera beta, this website will look just like the desktop. The iPhone doesn’t render the full "desktop" site as the plugin detects the browser identification "agent" and delivers a cut-down site especially formatted for the iPhone.

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  • Steve 7th August 2008, 10:28 am

    Go on Mike, you know you want one 🙂

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