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The Fellowship of the "30 Day Challenge" bloggers (21 days to go) - Mike Wilson
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The Fellowship of the "30 Day Challenge" bloggers (21 days to go)

Just a small update on the progress of the 30 day challenge, with just three weeks remaining.

My Progress

There’s barely three weeks left (time has really flown by) before my application will be launched (and consumed) by the paying public. In this time, I still have to implement the web forms, get the API up and running and document and test it all. Plus, I’m going to “dogfood” this service on all my own software and that means pushing updates of my own desktop software out this month. Oh, I’m busy but exhilarated all the same.

You can see my progress online here: The site is lagging approximately 2-3 days behind its actual development and QA here. The next release to the website will be the login/user registration facility and the initial user dashboard / statistics viewing page.

Those that are familiar with my software will know that I’m a big fan of clean and neat interfaces. You should expect to see a high quality interface with the “heat sheet” on the front page with a drill-down facility. All this made easier, of course, with our sponsorship by Infragistics. Their awesome charting components look amazing. As soon as I’ve loaded the database with some sample data I plan to provide a guest login account so you can all come and check it out.

The “30 Day Challenge” so far

With the notable exception of the more prolific bloggers, I’ve not had as much feedback on my own project as I’d have liked and I’ve noticed there hasn’t been much profiling or track backing of other’s solutions generally amongst the 30 day challengers (if you’re reading this; please consider making an ‘other authors’ segment in your blog posts). In order to bring the fellowship of the bloggers back on track I’ve composed this little chart which shows where all the projects stand in terms of the 30 day challenge. I admit it’s not a race and a league table would be a little contrived as not everyone wants to release their screenshots or is ready to show some software at this stage. However everybody should have a project name and a list of coherent features by this point otherwise it’s impossible to determine “success” or “failure” of the challenge without providing metrics (although they may not have blogged about it). Please take this as motivation to get something published. So without further ado, here’s the table:

Other Authors Progress Roundup

AuthorProject NameFeatures Listed?Application
Actual Software Shown?Released?Last Update
Scott KaneMixAction aaaxJune 13th
Steve ChorletonSMSRelay aaaxJune 9th
Mike WilsonSoftware Statistics aaaxJune 13th
Steve McLeodPoker Sidekick aaaxJune 13th
Colin MMusic Tools aaaxJune 12th
Rafael ChavesTextUML Toolkit aaaxJune 12th
Philip FloresmisvCRM aaaxJune 13th
Simon ShutterSchemax Calendar aaxxMay 31st
Richie HindleClickstop aaxxJune 13th
Tarek DemiatiMaster Time Tracker axxxMay 29th
Bracken Mosbacker & Ben Jenkins’Tower Prints axxxJune 12th
Patrick MckenzieFirefox Widget Creator axxxJune 13th
?Runimal axxxMay 28th
Susan PichottaAlta Web Works xxxxJune 4th
Sohail Somanix xxxxMay 26th
Benji Smithx xxxxJune 13th
Steve Bushmanx xxxxJune 4th
Sherriex xxxxMay 31st
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