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Day 7 of 30 (23 days to go) - Mike Wilson
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Day 7 of 30 (23 days to go)

SoftwareMonitorLogodraft_small - Copy In my last article I explained that I had secured a sponsorship deal with the global leader in UI development components, Infragistics. I’m currently exploring their class library for ASP.NET 3.5 AJAX and am working through some sample code. Once I’m happy with these components, I’ll finish my studies on IIS/ASP.NET membership and profiles and implement the live login pages with the grass-roots database. I have built a full database schema however I am implementing the tables one at a time to support the entities that drive the classes which provide the functionality. This approach will allow me to generate a process which I can follow in the future for expansion once the application goes into production in 23 days time.

What’s new on

  • Added a favicon
  • Added our sponsors logo, our own company logo and live chat button to every public page
  • Implemented an SSL certificate from Comodo (see SSL in action here:

 What’s coming up soon:

  • User membership and profiles (so users can log in)
  • The initial draft web services
  • The initial draft SDK, API, component and instructions

Would you like to take part in this project?

  • I seriously need some beta testers to sign up with the service. Once the draft SDK/API is available I’ll provide it to you and see how you get on. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact me using the contact form on this blog.
  • Do you know of anyone who may be interested in improving the stability of their software, adding online update/version checking, receiving aggregated error reports from their software by email or needing real-time runtime licensing security? Please pass on a link to

Until tomorrow; all the best,


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  • Steve 11th June 2008, 10:42 pm

    Hey Mike,
    I really wish I could join your beta program. Unfortunately between now and August I have 3 product updates to put out, try to learn Xcode/Objective C and process my US immigration application!
    Anyway, I will definately be looking into incorporating this all our products come end of the year.

  • mike 12th June 2008, 12:20 am

    Hey Steve,

    That’s cool, no worries though – you’ve got plenty on your plate at the moment!

    The ideal candiate for a beta tester of this product would be someone looking to do their own beta testing, as this product particularly suits the close monitoring requirements of a product in test phase.

    Also best of luck with your immigration application 🙂 I feel like heading that way too at some point.

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