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Evolved Software Studios release a free CFD share calculator - Mike Wilson
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Evolved Software Studios release a free CFD share calculator

CFD Calculator is a popular desktop tool for Contract-For-Difference (CFD) traders and stockbrokers. It allows instant calculations of both Long (buy now, sell later) and Short (sell now, promise to buy later) CFDs.

This CFD Calculator has been around for a while now and I thought the stockbroker community – particularly those who need to calculate quick on the fly commissions on trades – may appreciate this tool.


The calculator also allows additional adjustments for a fixed price minimum commission and a variable commission calculation on each trade.

Commission is applied to both the opening and closing trades. If you don’t want to calculate with commission, don’t use any value for the Basis Points drop-down list or Minimum Commission (as shown above).

To learn more about CFD Calculator, or to download it, please visit our website.

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