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HM Revenue & Customs - What not to do if you suspect or discover fraud - Mike Wilson
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HM Revenue & Customs – What not to do if you suspect or discover fraud

Well, according to the published NIM39140: They’ll have to shoot you if they tell you!

It seems HM Revenue & Customs have published a page in their online manual for National Insurance Numbers containing guidance which they have then proceeded to self-censor using an undisclosed exemption in the Freedom of Information Act 2000.


So if you need advice on possible National Insurance Number fraud and wish to ask HM Revenue & Customs they will tell you that they can’t tell you because of their self-censorship. I wonder what information could be so sensitive on this public information tax guidance manual that needed to be censored in such an explicit way? We can find out of course using the “Internet Archive WayBack Machine” although at the time of writing the server holding the original page from January 2nd and 10th 2007 was down. Why not click the link above and check out the original page for yourself? ;P

“This text has been withheld because of exemptions in the Freedom of Information Act 2000”:



As a Dutch friend of mine puts it, “Your government creates weird content dude!”.

Expect more common sense tax guidance from the same Government that is planning to burden us with a new family tax later this year.


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