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Windows Vista SP1: Ready, but not available yet? - Mike Wilson
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Windows Vista SP1: Ready, but not available yet?

Microsoft yesterday announced that Vista Service Pack 1 was RTM’ed (Release to Manufacturing), but there it will not be available until mid-March.

The release of Vista Service Pack 1 coincides with the release of Windows Server 2008, which as it happens, shares 95% of the same code base with Vista.

Dissapointing Vista sales figures in 2007 indicated that there would be a late 2007 release date for Vista’s first Service Pack. Vista SP1 will resolve many of the common issues reported by customers during Vista’s public first year, including security, performance and API improvements as well as the usual par-for-course plethora of slipstreamed and updated drivers to support third party hardware.  Microsoft will be hopeful that the large corporations who normally wait until the first service pack before considering putting a new operating system into production will now consider a migration to Windows Vista SP1. A further interesting change is in response to anti-competitive charges made at Microsoft from Google to improve access to the operating system for search.  The latest code changes made up to the end of December required regression testing through January and after a substantial beta test period, the Service Pack is now finished.

It may be a Microsoft first, the release of a product that we won’t be able to get hold of for a least a month, but Microsoft’s plan is to release Service Pack 1 for download in mid-March and then to follow it up in April with a push out to all customers via Automatic Update.

With the substantial improvements in performance and reliability; it’s a shame that we don’t have the RTM Service Pack available to us all yet. It is not clear what Microsoft are waiting for. In the meantime, I’ll be keeping a close eye on the news and I’ll let you know when Service Pack 1 is available! 🙂

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