songsmith makes comedy gold

by Mike on February 1, 2009


Today I’m in a musical mood. I sold my well loved Korg Trinity this morning (I’m now using a Yamaha MO6). Searching for some musical inspiration I thought I’d give SongSmith a try, as it’s available on a six-hour unlimited trial. Songsmith is the first “record and go” instant-on music solution for amateurs using Windows. Songsmith can generate instant computer-generated backing tracks to your own vocal-lead. All you need to is pick one of the many relatively cheesy styles and a tempo then you hit record and sing your best amateur vocals into the microphone along to a metronome beat. The computer does the rest, applying the drums, bass, guitars and variations. All well and good, but imagine what would happen if you used a professional vocal track from a popular song instead of your own vocal?

The result: Comedy tribute covers!

Reggae Roxanne


Van “Big Band” Halen


Billy Idol “White Bluegrass Wedding”

And so on :)

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