“Life without walls”. If there are no walls, who needs Windows?

by Mike on September 21, 2008

image Surely there is no company in the history of our species that evokes as much love and hate as Microsoft. I love a lot about Microsoft; the technology, the platforms, many of my Microsoft counterparts and the open community culture of the new Microsoft “2.0”. Still, there’s much to dislike. For example, this latest “I’m a PC” video of Steve Ballmer:

No sweaty armpits this time for the Microsoft CEO!

Microsoft’s new strap line for their $300 million marketing campaign is, “Life without Walls”. Which makes me wonder; in a life without walls, who needs Windows?

Who needs Windows?

Clearly this student from a Hungarian University doesn’t want Windows. Perhaps he lives in a greenhouse and doesn’t need windows. In any case, isn’t there a saying about throwing eggs in glass houses?

Don’t let Steve Ballmer see that Apple MacBook!

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