I can haz ice? [Ice Bucket Challenge]

by Mike on August 31, 2014

I got nominated, but wanted to do something a little different in my own style. So here is my Ice Bucket Challenge video:

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Meet Julian

by Mike on August 18, 2014

We visited the Manx SPCA for the first time on Saturday and found this awesome cat there.

Julian is the latest addition to our family. He’s a lovely young tabby cat from the Laxey area who was found with a broken & rotting leg. On the 18th of July he had his leg amputated, blood tests done for FIV/leukaemia, microchipping and then his balls were cut off. 

He started life as an unwanted/feral cat before an injury and well meaning person rescued him and took him to the Manx SPCA. Nobody wanted to adopt him; but he’s such a cool tempered cat given everything he’s been through so we figured he’d better come home with us :)

I am very impressed with how much work the Manx SPCA do given how little funding they have. Since the Island no longer has a (government run) dog warden, they have had to take over this responsibility too which seems to be stretching them to the limit. They could use any support that they can get, and even have an Amazon Wishlist!

Anyhow, here’s Julian starting his new life today :)

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From the UK to the Isle of Man

December 1, 2013

Almost on this day exactly a year ago a magazine landed on the doormat which changed everything. The Journal of Perioperative Practice’s back cover had an advert for jobs in the Isle of Man. Victoria said jokingly one evening, “We should move to the Isle of Man”. That’s how it started. And now we’re here. […]

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FREE live astronomy event

March 29, 2013

Live astronomy event, this Saturday 30th March. Free entry. Stargazing, Prizes, Quiz, Live Podcast Show and more! The Jolly Farmer (Pub), Blacknest, Hampshire (opposite Alice Holt Forest). 5:00pm to 10:00pm

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Google Streetview UK update.

March 9, 2013

Achievement unlocked: Troll Google Streetview. Today Google updated their UK Streetview Maps today with an extra 10% of content. I’m in that extra content. Now I feel like an extra special DLC (downloadable content). Yes, it’s a bit dorky but I only had a two minute warning that the Streetview car was on the way. […]

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Time to say goodbye

February 18, 2013

  At least for a while. I know I’ve not blogged much recently. My plan at the start of the year was for more time off, more time cycling and blogging and I’ve pretty much failed since I’ve done zero miles on my bike and I can count the number of blog posts and videos […]

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Building a Bitcoin (or Folding@Home) mining rig (part1)

January 17, 2013

(These machines were built in the summer of 2011) When I last wrote about Bitcoin, building a mining rig was a very good idea. Today, not so much (depending on how cheaply you can build, whether you have unused hardware you can put to use and how expensive your electricity bill is). However the method […]

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RTI: When to report and when to pay

December 24, 2012

At the risk of sound a little narcissistic, here’s an article that I was in last week on PayeRti.Org: www.payerti.org/news/view/rti-when-to-report-and-when-to-pay The next release of Gateway Solver, which is currently in the HMRC LIVE RTI PILOT, is due for release in early 2013 and will support all of the RTI forms. The website will be available […]

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Astrophotography 101

November 18, 2012

I recently led a four-hour practical astrophotography class for HantsAstro at the Petersfield Community Centre. It was a blast! I think it’s fair to say that we all learnt something and thank you to everyone who attended, and to Dave Woods at HantsAstro for co-presenting with me! If you’re in Hampshire and fancy learning more […]

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I made a (Great White Shark) pumpkin!

October 28, 2012

Well, Vicky and Dylan did most of the work …but I put the candle in it! It was a lot easier than it looks to make. At first, Vicky drew the outline of the shark’s features onto the pumpkin and we cut out the lid (leaving a triangle lip at the rear so it only […]

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